This is great news for the fight for marriage equality in New York:

ALBANY — Sen. Roy McDonald declared his support for same-sex marriage Tuesday, leaving the bill one vote shy of Senate passage.

“I’m not out to alienate anybody. This is driven by compassion,” the Saratoga Republican said. “I’m not out to hurt some gay guy, gay woman. Live your lifestyle. That’s not my lifestyle, but God bless ’em — it’s America. Be nice to people, and let’s all just live our lives.”


McDonald said his decision was based not on political concerns, but personal evolution. He has grandchildren who have been diagnosed with autism. He said the personal connection with their challenges has made him think differently.

Two senators, Mark Grisanti and Stephen Saland, remain in the “undecided” column, so if you’re wondering whom to contact, there you go.

Tony Perkins, I am happy to report, is freaked:

“New York’s legislative session isn’t the only thing that ends next Monday–so could the state’s definition of marriage. After a frantic month of lobbying, the state senate is teetering dangerously close to passing a same-sex “marriage” law. Two years after voting the measure down, homosexual activists are back. And this time, they have the support of four senators who helped kill the bill the last time around.

“Three Democrats and one Republican (Sen. James Alesi of Rochester) say their opinions have ‘evolved’ and now pledge to make New York the sixth–and largest state–to legalize counterfeit marriage. Part of the reason for that ‘evolution’ is the grassroots involvement. According to local leaders, the Left has been pumping calls into their offices. In 2009, Sen. Joseph Addabbo said that values voters had overwhelmed his phone lines with opposition. This month, he told the New York Times, there was no contest. More than 4,830 anti-marriage activists asked him to vote in favor of it.”

It’s funny because he acknowledges in that last part that his entire movement has lost steam. It ain’t comin’ back either, Tony.