frank2Frank Talk is the blog of Frank Neudecker, a city councilman in Jackson, Tennessee.  As such, one would expect that, even if not everybody agrees with the content, he would maintain a level of discourse appropriate to civil society.  Of course, as we all know, that’s a pretty low bar.

We don’t even necessarily expect politicians to use their social media outlets for important news and information.  After all, Texas governor Rick Perry seems to use his Twitter mostly for the purpose of posting pictures of puppy dogs!   It’s a whole different animal though [see what I did there?] when politicians instead allow people to post viciously ignorant, racist, homophobic vitriol and call it “commentary.”  Forthwith, here are some choice words from “Linda Hunnicutt,” in a post titled “ROFLMAO.” Again, this is on the website of an elected official:

Take a good look at where all of this tolerance has gotten us.. it has given us years of Hillary Clinton, Barney Frank, Nancy and Harry and now dead Teddy. Lord how blessed these people have made us. Now we have a Muslim President who isn’t even a citizen and his following of little tolerant dingleberrys touting Tolerance oh yes we have to be so tolerant of this slug… this infiltrator, this Trojan horse’s ass and his ill mannered, ugly, in bred looking bride wearing her $600 blinking sneakers, oh what class this first lady brings to the white house. I bet Jackie Kennedy is rolling about in her grave.

Tolerance has given us a country where the white people are so brain damaged and cultured they tolerate being controled by the likes of people we laughed at as nutty a few years ago.. Remember the little fatty fuzzy haired kook Richard Simmons? Now he is a common fixture and so respected.. uck… Our schools, courts, everything is being taken over by the homosexuals who have been bred to make us all a UNISEX nation it seems. Years ago we tolerated these so called people as entertainers ( even then they weren’t really funny, just funny looking ) remember Liberace? Oh my goodness how wonderful he and his little brother were and how they honored their Mommy… The only thing I can say about him he was good at the piano but then what else could he possibly do? The only good thing about these freaks is they will not be reproducing. The problem is that is not stopping the growth of perverts and humans that don’t know which way to swing. They are in the schools where they are now the respected and revered teachers of our children teaching TOLERANCE….The TV, Movies and educational systems have made it more acceptable and attractive to become a homosexual than to be normal now in the schools, Kids are so easily led by the advertising media, music and in general icons of acceptance.

Time out. When is the last time you saw Richard Simmons on television? Does anyone else get the feeling this piece was written by Rip Van Wingnut, having just awakened from her years-long slumber, still trying to figure out which parts of her fever dreams actually happened?

Moving on, with more homophobia, some transphobia, and then we’ll get into the white supremacist part:

I am tired of watching my mouth, containing my thoughts within the tolerance level that is required in order to not be considered a total rebel or God Forbid, RUDE, or INTOLERANT. These people disgust me to the bone, their lifestyle should be kept in the damn closet not pushed down our throats as normal.. Have you watched your TV lately?? New programs all over the place…”BOY CULTURE” oh what a wonderful enlightening program..tells all about how to get along with your boyfriends and bed partners oops it isn’t even labeled as adult material ???? Then there are the transsexuals who have their own little reality show depicting how one is being changed via drugs and surgery and what a wonderful thing that is for her/him/it and the whole family… Oh horrors to be trapped in the wrong body? I wonder if I am indeed one of the trapped ones and just don’t know it???? I used to like to do a lot of boy things like shoot a gun , fish, build things, but then I also liked to paint and cook and dress up in a dress on special occasions… Hummmmmmmmmaybe it all worked out right as I did like the boys.

Okay, so is everybody clear on old Linda’s feelings on LGBT people? Let’s see what she thinks about white supremacy!

The white people are being transformed by a phony culture and we are not even resisting. Have you noticed that every commercial has black men and white women together, mexicans and whites, all multi racial people and all happily advertising what ever product or service ? Start watching, you will seldom see many white people any longer they are all mixed races or bi racial what ever you want to call them… it is like this is the way it is supposed to be. White people are being destroyed daily. A white kid steals a candy bar and it is because he is a racist because the store owner is a muslim or indian ( from india) and is prosecuted heavily… a black or mexican kid does the same thing and it is because the whites have refused to allow him to grow as a person, he has no father figure, he has been neglected by society???? and a pat on the back and don’t do it again is rendered by the judges… he is sent out to grow bolder and more violent knowing he won’t be punished.

May I interject and point out how far one’s head must be up one’s own hind end to actually believe that white people are sentenced more harshly than minorities in the United States? Seriously. More!

We are to blame, we were all educated by a good system 60 years ago( before we had tolerance as a way of life taught), we were not taught to be racist but we were taught to be proud of ourselves, not to stoop our shoulders and drop our heads in shame for being white. I hate the mentality of the KKK and the Arian Nation etc they are both ignorant and so repugnant in their behavior yet I am afraid these are the only white people left that will fight to be white.

Well, if they’re the only ones left, you might as well join ’em, I guess. We can see how much you hate it, Linda, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

She goes on to state that she doesn’t consider herself a racist, as long as none of her children tries to marry anyone with dark skin.

Now, recommendations, from Linda!

Now all of you tolerant and anti racist readers, go to your emails and unsubscribe from the old hag of a racists news letter…. Maybe you need to stay in the sun a lot more and no one will notice the white of your skin… be sure to talk the gutter language of the hood and maybe no one will notice you actually say ask instead of axe? Be sure to cultivate a flaming queen as a friend( or at least watch RU PAUL’s Queen school on tv ) so you can be sure to show you do not have “Gaydar” and are not anti homosexual and be absolutely sure to buy your pants 14 sizes too big so they fall off your butt and show your crack….it is so in style now…

You see, you all just need to start saying “axe” and watching Drag Race on the television, and buy big pants, so that the prophecy may be fulfilled! Also?

Be sure to set a good example for your offspring, be a good government recruit, turn in your neighbor for having guns, for home schooling their kids, for drinking whole milk and eating good food without the additives to make them stupid and unisexual.

Preservatives make your genitals fall off! But I thought soy made people gay. I’m so confused.

Anyway, the last few lines of the wingnut’s manifesto devolve into conspiracy theory-laden ramblings and Palin-esque grammar until, presumably, the writer collapsed in a cloud of exhaustion and pork rind crumbs.

Drew Baker, the Madison County chairman for the Tennessee Equality Project, contacted councilman Frank Neudecker, who stated that the pieces published on his blog are the opinion of his “writers” only, and that he has no intention of removing the offensive post, which was published on February 22.  In response, Baker released the following statement:

While the Tennessee Equality Project is focused on LGBT issues, that focus is part of a larger belief that EVERY human being is entitled to the same dignity and respect regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Councilman Neudecker’s failure to retreat from the hateful and hurtful remarks posted on his personal blog and his defense of what was posted constitute a failure of leadership on his part. I find the comments to be racist and homophobic. I am crushed that not just ANY city councilman, but MY city councilman, could find any justification whatsoever for defending such remarks.  As a person who lives in and owns a business in Councilman Neudecker’s district and as a person who has voted for and supported him in the past, I am deeply offended.

The post went viral in the Jackson area, prompting the Jackson Sun to take notice, and when they contacted Councilman Neudecker, the ass-covering began:

Neudecker said he reviews posts on his blog to make sure they are not “blatantly incorrect” or “distasteful.”

He said he reviewed the post and chose not to take it down.


Neudecker would not say whether he agrees with the opinions in the post but said he believes everyone should have the right to freedom of speech.

“Whether I agree with them or not makes little difference,” he said.

It’s a sad commentary on the state of a community when a city councilman feels that to denounce anti-gay hate and white supremacist sentiments would be a risky political calculation.

Neudecker continued the ass-covering in an interview with local radio station WNWS.  He again refuses to state whether or not he agrees with the opinions in the piece, only stating that the article is more “graphic” and “in your face” than what’s usually published on his website.  He confirms that he did publish the piece, and defends his decision to post it, saying that there is “always some truth” in all pieces published on his blog. Indeed, he seems to agree with a lot of her feelings! He even says that, given the opportunity, he would publish the piece again.

Now there’s an update on Frank Neudecker’s blog, from another one of “his writers,” going by the name of “Richard Ward.”  Apparently Linda Hunnicutt isn’t the only one publishing there who fears hidden conspiracies and new world orders:

Thanks to a “Drew Baker” and his so-called “Equality Project” for raising the ruckus over Councilman Neudecker’s website where a lady had been permitted to freely voice her own exasperation with this new world order under which she has to refrain from self expression.

I too am one longing to be free of the hidden architects of what I can and cannot think and say (“political correctness”), even down to the level of my very own website. So, for giving me Frank Neudecker’s address for free expression on the Internet, I thank The Jackson Sun. And thanks to Mr. Baker, too, for having prompted it.

Isn’t that lovely?

Isn’t it lovely that this is all happening on the website of an elected official?

Look, this is the internet, and any wingnut with a modem can set up a WordPress account and write whatever hateful, misinformed, fearful things he wants. Indeed, like-minded wingnuts are even free to organize hate groups like those recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center. But this is different — Frank Neudecker actually represents people as an elected official. Frank Neudecker represents conspiracy-minded wingnuts, but he also represents black people, gay people, transgender people, and all other sorts. By his endorsement of this piece, written by someone else, but that HE published, he has made the choice to piss all over all his constituents who don’t happen to be hate-filled, sheltered old white people who yearn for the days when the coloreds and the faggots knew their place.