stormsHahahahahahahahahah, I have nothing to say about this. POSTED WITHOUT COMMENT:

The Rev. Grant Storms, a Christian fundamentalist best known for his bullhorn protests of the Southern Decadence festival in the French Quarter, was arrested for allegedly masturbating at a Metairie park Friday afternoon.

Storms, 53, 2304 Green Acres Road, Metairie, was booked with obscenity, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrest report said.

Storms told deputies that he was merely having lunch at Lafreniere Park, 3000 Downs Blvd., in his van when he decided to relieve himself using a bottle instead of using the restroom, an incident report said.

But two witnesses said they saw Storms through the open windows of his van masturbating himself while watching children on the playground, the report said.

The two women flagged down a park employee who notified the Sheriff’s Office. The employee also detained Storms until deputies arrived.

Everybody, look surprised about this news, as soon as you stop laughing. I’m not yet sure if it’s the exact same guy whose group appears in this shot, but as soon as I contact the person who took this picture, I’ll update.