house-of-cards-sOn January 25, I accused the “ex-gay” organization Exodus International of endemic sloth.

With an alleged one-million dollar budget and 13 staff members, Exodus had essentially gone into hibernation. It had not updated its tired website since Nov. 16, 2009. The only peep from the organization comes from periodic posting on the group’s vanity blog by Vice President Randy Thomas.

I guess my criticism lit a fire under President Alan Chambers’ derriere. On January 26, one day after my charges were leveled, he cleared the cobwebs and took a break from praying away his gay to update Exodus’ site.

A new work ethic had been born!!

Well, not exactly.

Since January 26, Exodus has not bothered to update its site. That’s right, we are nine days into February and Exodus is peddling old news, just like it hawks outdated ideas. Likewise, the group’s Exodus Youth site has not been updated since Dec. 1, 2009. The Exodus Church Association site hasn’t changed since August 2009.

While the group’s slogan is “Freedom is Possible”, apparently hard work is another story.

Finally, why is Exodus still not promoting San Diego’s March 6, “Love Won Out” conference on its main site’s front page? They supposedly bought the “ex-gay” road show from Focus on the Family last year. San Diego is its first foray without Focus – yet there has barely been a word of promotion.

In one year’s time, Exodus’ online properties have gone from robust to just plain bust. It is worth considering that the worldwide economic meltdown has affected Exodus more than it’s activist leaders are letting on. It is implausible that the group is still fully staffed and functional, yet unable to carry out the basic online functions it succeeded at only one year ago.

What is really going on at Exodus, Mr. Chambers?