allies-shirt_lrg.jpgGroup Misleads By Using Language of Inclusion, When Real Goals Are Conversion, Ridicule, Isolation and Exclusion

NEW YORK — Truth Wins Out slammed Exodus International today for its slippery Allies Too Week, which masquerades as a tolerance campaign, when its real intention is to marginalize gay students, while encouraging bullies. According to the Allies Too website, “Christian students across the United States can declare their commitment to making school safe and harassment-free for everyone, and promote true tolerance that treats all viewpoints with respect.” However, when they say “true tolerance,” what they are really asking is for gay students to “tolerate” getting demeaned and humiliated in classrooms.

“The Allies Too campaign is dishonest in that it fails to inform students that Exodus repeatedly refers to gay people as “perverse’ and “sexually broken,'” said Besen. “This group also works to pass anti-gay laws and believes that homosexuality is demonic. The Allies Too campaign is twisted, in that students who object to being insulted and labeled as defective are smeared as “intolerant.’ The Allies Too campaign is a slick attempt to turn logic on its head and make bullies feel that there is a moral justification for isolating and ridiculing gay students.”

at_button_lrg.jpgThe website asks students to download a brochure which says, “A secondary problem arises when GLBT-advocacy groups attempt to solve the problem of bullying by indoctrinating all students with their values. Rather than promoting true tolerance, they polarize students by marketing their own ideas as “progressive’ and labeling all differing viewpoints as “bigoted’ and “homophobic.'”

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