no_hate.jpg Barbara Leavitt, a Woman Whose Marriage Ended After “Ex-Gay’ Therapy Did Not Cure Her Husband Warned Against Such Marriages

TAMPA, Fl — Truth Wins Out’ Executive Director Wayne Besen spoke at an Equality Florida press conference today to counter the rabidly anti-gay Family Impact Summit. Besen, the author of “Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth,” said right wing organizations were embracing so-called ex-gay ministries to cloak their discriminatory aims.

“The Family Impact Summit is a cynical political ploy to use gay baiting to energize voters in a critical election year,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “The red meat conservatives are using so-called ex-gays as cover for their extremist views. By exploiting these vulnerable people, they are pretending to love gay people, when in reality they simply love discrimination.”

Barbara Leavitt also shared her story at the press conference in front of Bell Shoals Baptist Church. She discussed how her life was upended because her gay husband was told that marriage could help cure him of his homosexuality. Earlier in the year, Truth Wins Out featured her and her husband Lester in a video that can now be seen on YouTube.

“I want you to know that when ex-gays marry straight women, it hurts both the man and the woman and any children that come,” said Leavitt.

The Family Impact Summit will include right wing stalwarts, such as Gary Bauer, Katherine Harris, Dr. Richard Land, Don Wildmon, Bob Knight and Alan Chambers.

Speakers at the press conference include: Nadine Smith, Equality Florida; Wayne Besen, Truth Wins Out; Rev. Irene Monroe, Faith In America; Sally Phillips, Hillsborough Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus; Rev. Phyllis Hunt, MCC Tampa; Marty Rouse, Human Rights Campaign; Barbara Leavitt, spouse of former ex-gay; Rev. Cedric A. Harmon, Americans United for Separation of Church & State.

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