In a speech at University of California Santa Barbara this week, ex-gay leader Chad Thompson seemed to welcome the elimination of gay people if a gene that determined sexual orientation were discovered. This is quite ironic, considering Thompson wrote the book “Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would.”

“I think it would be cool if a gay gene were discovered. Then God would get more glory when people are changed,” Thompson said.

“Sounds like Thompson would ‘love’ gay people right out of existence if he had his way,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “If this is how ex-gays love, I’d be afraid to see them when they hate.”

In the speech, Thompson also tried to sound loving when he said, “Christian media shows homosexuals as demons…gay media shows Christians as [hateful] people, and both of these lies create tension between the two sides.”

“Thompson sounds like the voice of reason but he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth,” said Besen. “Last fall, I attended a Christian seminar in Macon where Thompson told the audience that “demonic influence” cannot be overlooked when diagnosing homosexuality. If the Christian media is demonizing gay people, Thompson can take credit, because he has personally promoted the bizarre idea homosexuality is demonic.”

Thompson runs the Iowa-based group Inqueery that works to get ex-gay speakers placed in public schools. Thompson also holds the odd belief that people become gay as punishment for the sins of dead relatives. He calls this malady a “generational curse.”