Dear Mr. Chambers:

Truth Wins Out is inquiring when Exodus was going to publicly address Peterson Toscano’s serious allegations of inappropriate behavior between an adult and a minor at an Exodus retreat/ministry. The silence is leading many people to believe that the mistreatment of youth took place in an Exodus “ex-gay” ministry and that this transgression occurred on your watch.

Additionally, Truth Wins Out would also like to know why it has taken Exodus so long to post new guidelines that would help avoid such situations. After all, the Los Angeles Times reported that there was a child abuse case settled out of court with Desert Stream a few years ago. Exodus has yet to explain what happened in this case. However, the big question is, why did you expand the youth program without creating an environment that would stop the next Desert Stream-gate from occurring?

You have been on the job for several years with an increasing focus on youth. Shouldn’t making changes to protect kids have been your first priority, rather than expanding your program? You have had a youth director, Scott Davis, for some time. Clearly, you have the staff to create and implement such a policy. Yet, you are only getting around to this now? It appears that you may have been derelict in duty by not addressing the problems Exodus has encountered in the past.

Finally, the word is that Exodus has reported the alleged incident to the police and that the parents of the minor in question have been notified. To confirm that this actually occurred, I would appreciate if you would provide me contact information for the police department notified, as well as the parents. Your immediate cooperation would be most appreciated and would go a long way in clearing any misperceptions and dispelling myths that may exist on Exodus’ handling of this unconscionable situation.


Wayne Besen
Executive Director
Truth Wins Out