TWO needs your help monitoring ex-gay ministries across America. You can become an integral part of our daily work by doing the following:

1) Check to see if there is an ex-gay ministry in your state. The main ex-gay groups are Exodus, Homosexuals Anonymous, Evergreen International (Mormon), PFOX, JONAH(Jewish) and Inqueery (Youth).

2) Contact the nearest group(s) and get on its mailing list

3) Monitor the newsletter and other communications to report irregularities, sexual misconduct and unethical behavior.

4) Mail these various forms of communication to Truth Wins Out’s office so we can archive this crucial information and keep permanent records of these groups.

Becoming a ministry monitor is a powerful way to become active with TWO and do your part in countering the “Big Lie.” Not only will you be changing the world, but you will also be helping people and possibly saving lives.

Now is the time to go from passive to proud; from armchair activist to energetic advocate by getting involved in the fight for fairness and equality. Become a TWO ministry monitor today!