Organization: Exodus International
Overview: Exodus International is a worldwide umbrella group for ex-gay organizations and has more than 100 affiliation ministries or counselors.
Budget: $1,000,000 annual budget
Number of Staff Members: 13-15
Headquarters: Orlando, Fla.; Exodus has 150-200 affiliated ministries and counselors worldwide
Leadership: Alan Chambers, Executive Director

Organization: Exodus Youth
Overview: Exodus Youth provides resources, biblical “answers” to questions, links to support groups, youth pastors and online encouragement. It believes all questions about homosexuality can be answered through the “gospel of Jesus Christ.”
Budget: $250,000
Number of Staff Members: 1-3
Headquarters: Orlando, FL
Leadership: Scott Davis, Exodus Youth Manager

Organization: Love Won Out (A Focus on the Family program)
Overview: Love Won Out is a quarterly ex-gay traveling symposium sponsored by Focus on the Family. It is a slick, well-rehearsed, multi-media event featuring the biggest names in the ex-gay industry.
Budget: $146,000,000
Number of Staff Members: 1,300
Headquarters: Colorado Springs, CO
Leadership: James Dobson, Founder; Mike Haley, Director of Gender Issues; Melissa Fryrear, Gender Issues Analyst

Organization: NARTH
Overview: The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) is a self-described “non-profit, educational organization dedicated to affirming a complementary, male-female model of gender and sexuality.” It is the primary “ex-gay” therapy organization in America.
Budget: $178,000
Number of Staff Members: 1-3
Headquarters: Encino, CA
Leadership: Joseph J. Nicolosi, Ph.D. President

Organization: Evergreen International
Overview: Evergreen International is a Salt Lake City-based ex-gay organization that caters to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as the Mormons. The group promises clients and their loved ones, “If you want to diminish your same-gender attractions and overcome homosexual behavior, there is a way out.”
Budget: $142,000
Number of Staff Members: 3
Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT
Leadership: David Pruden, Executive Director

Organization: Courage
Overview: Courage is the Catholic version of Exodus International, minus the miracles and promises of “healing.” The organization is a support group for gay people who have been shamed into abandoning their natural sexuality for a lifetime of celibacy.
Budget: Less than $25,000 – Funded by Archdiocese of New York
Number of Staff Members: 3
Headquarters: New York, NY
Leadership: Fr. John Harvey, OSFS, Director

Organization: Homosexuals Anonymous
Overview: Homosexuals Anonymous (HA), an ex-gay program based in Reading, Pennsylvania, it’s a 14-step program modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous.
Budget: N/A
Number of Staff Members: 1-3
Headquarters: Reading, PA
Leadership: John J

Organization: JONAH — Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality
Overview: JONAH is a non-profit international organization dedicated to educating the world-wide Jewish community about the prevention, intervention, and healing of the underlying issues causing same-sex attractions.
Budget: Less than $25,000
Number of Staff Members: 1-3
Headquarters: Jersey City, NJ
Leadership: Rabbi Samuel Rosenberg/ Arthur Goldberg co-directors

Organization: Love in Action
Overview: LIA claims to “help men and women live sexually & relationally pure lives and chemically dependent free lives through Jesus Christ.” They attempt this by a cult like brainwashing atmosphere where one must follow rules regarding dress code, hygiene, as particular brands of clothing are banned that are considered to encourage being gay. The group also times participants in the bathroom to make sure they are not behaving “inappropriately.”
Budget: $750,000 ($336,000 from programs)
Number of Staff Members: 1-5
Headquarters: Memphis,TN
Leadership: John Smid, CEO

Organization: Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays. (PFOX)
Overview: Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) was started in 1998 as an effort to mock the successful pro-gay organization, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). The goal was to counter PFLAG by providing the media with parents who claimed to love their children — while rejecting their sexual orientation. Ironically, the group has never been lead by a person who is actually the parent of an ex-gay individual.
Budget: $26,000
Number of Staff Members: 1
Headquarters: Fort Belvoir, VA
Leadership: Regina Griggs, Executive Director

Organization: Southern Baptist Convention
Overview: The Southern Baptist Convention is the nation’ largest protestant denomination with more than 16 million members who worship in more than 42,000 churches in the United States. Southern Baptists sponsor about 5,000 home missionaries serving the United States, Canada, Guam and the Caribbean, as well as sponsoring more than 5,000 foreign missionaries in 153 nations.
Budget: NA
Number of Staff Members: NA
Headquarters: Nashville, TN
Leadership: Frank Page, President; Bob Stith, National Strategist for Gender Issues