Well, this is pitiful:



So many things contained in fewer than 140 characters. We can see that the writer is poorly educated in the Bible, or perhaps just functionally illiterate. We can see that the writer is an expert, though, at being a paid professional victim, who is willing to tell morons that they face jail time for their beliefs when there is literally zero threat of anything like that.

Dear Matthew:  When Jesus said that thing about his followers being hated for his sake, he didn’t immediately follow it up with, “So this is your license to be as obnoxious, ignorant and bigoted as you’d like because what the hell.” You’re obviously adding that to the text in your mind. Stop doing that. And please, do stop comparing yourself to Jesus. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, I think we can all agree that no one has ever accused you of being “Christ-like.”

[h/t Joe]