Oh look, Bryan Lindquist — spokesman for an SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group and the newest member of the Anoka-Hennepin Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Task Force — has something to say about marriage equality!

The editorial board of ABC Newspapers, a group that owns several newspapers in central Minnesota, published an editorial encouraging readers to vote against a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would deny same-sex couples the freedom to marry. Needless to say, that didn’t sit well with Lindquist, a notorious opponent of LGBT rights who publicly refers to homosexuality as a “sexual disorder.” So he wrote a letter to the editor in response, in which he claims, among other things, that gay and lesbian parents molest their children. It’s a doozy:

To the Editor:

This is in response to the editorial from the ECM Editorial Board titled “Marriage amendment would suppress freedom” (Oct. 5).

While they agree with the fact that “Children do best when they are raised by a mother and a father…” they also suggest that “… children will thrive in environments in which they are loved by two parents, regardless of the gender make-up of those parents.” This simply is not true.

University of Texas Professor Mark Regnerus did a study on homosexual parenting. His excellent research was published in the well-respected academic journal, “Social Science Research.”

The Regnerus study is the largest of its kind to date (just under 3,000 interviews of 18- to 39-year-olds), and is the most thorough and comprehensive study ever done on this topic.

Here are some of his findings that reveal greater child endangerment in same-sex households than households headed by a mom and a dad:

  • Parental pedophilia:  23 percent of children with a lesbian mother reported having been touched sexually by a parent or adult, compared with 2 percent of those raised by biological parents.
  • Higher number of rape cases: 31 percent of children raised by a lesbian mother and 25 percent raised by a homosexual male report that they were forced to have sex against their will, compared to 8 percent from intact families.
  • Suicidal tendencies are shocking: 24 percent of children raised by homosexual men and 12 percent of children raised by lesbian mothers admitted to having recently contemplated suicide, compared to 5 percent of those raised by biological parents or even a single parent.

This study proves that children are better off when raised by their biological mom and dad.

The ECM Editorial Board is wrong. Children raised in homes where homosexuality or other same-sex behaviors are present face increased risks.

The social experiment of legalizing same-sex unions will prove disastrous for kids and bring untold dysfunction and damage to children and society.

Vote “yes” on the Marriage Protection Amendment on Nov. 6 and help protect the children in Minnesota.


Bryan Lindquist

Of course, the “study” Lindquist cites, that of University of Texas Professor Mark Regnerus, has been widely discredited for its flawed methodology, wildly inaccurate conclusions, and allegations of partiality, to name just three examples. (If you’d like further information, Scott Rose of the New Civil Rights Movement has written extensively about the bankruptcy of this so-called “study.”) In short, it’s junk science. But because it’s junk science that happens to legitimize anti-LGBT bigotry, homophobes like Lindquist are more than happy to cite its bogus statistics in service of their anti-equality agenda.

Think it’s unconscionable that a proponent of such awful anti-gay lies should be entrusted to serve on a task force charged with protecting kids — including LGBT kids — from bullying and harassment? We do too. But Anoka-Hennepin School Board Chair Tom Heidemann, who appointed Lindquist to the task force, apparently doesn’t see it that way. He defended his decision earlier this week when he spoke with a local television station, and again in an interview that aired today on Minnesota Public Radio. Heidemann said,

“[Lindquist] brings a conservative-Christian point of view to the committee and also a commitment to making sure that there’s no bullying and harassment of students in school for any reason.”

Just so we’re clear, the conservative Christian, homophobic “point of view” that Heidemann’s referring to is the same one — religion-based anti-LGBT bigotry — that leaves a trail of dead teens. But in the Anoka-Hennepin School District — one with bullying and suicide problems so severe that the State of Minnesota declared it a “suicide contagion area” — it’s still apparently a point of view worthy of respect and consideration.

Will the nightmare ever end for the LGBT kids of Central Minnesota?