The National Organization for Marriage Discrimination has uploaded a new video to its YouTube channel in which the organization makes a number of astonishingly malicious and demonstrably false claims about LGBT people and marriage equality.

Chief among them is the likening of marriage equality with incest, pedophilia, and drug use. Speaking with a British accent over slick graphics, the narrator claims that the government has three ways of dealing with the “behavior” of its citizens: promoting it, permitting it, or prohibiting it. As an example, she notes that the state promotes police work, permits most occupations, but prohibits drug dealing because it “harms society.” “In the same way,” she continues, “our government promotes ‘natural marriage,’ permits most relationships, but prohibits incest and pedophilia.”  The narrator goes on to claim, ““Natural marriage’ perpetuates and stabilizes society. Everyone benefits from that, even those who don’t get married. . . Same-sex marriage offers no benefit for society as a whole. In fact, it hurts us.”

Jeremy Hooper, longtime NOM-watcher and blogger extraordinaire, calls the group’s latest video “one of the most callous things I’ve ever seen NOM endorse.” Watch it below:

A couple observations:

  • The video characterizes marriage not as a commitment, a particular kind of relationship, or even a choice, but rather, a “behavior.” Given the infinite variety found in marriages across the world and across the millenia, just what exactly does NOM define as “marriage behavior?” Or are they just using “behavior” to refer to the sexual acts that are presumably enjoyed within marriage?
  • Just in case there’s any doubt which political party NOM has hitched its wagon to, the group adopts right-wing fiscal talking points, claiming that hetero-only marriage “reduces government spending and deficits.”
  • As usual, NOM loves to make claims without citing sources. For example, the narrator says, “We know statistically that ‘natural marriage’ creates the best possible environment for children.” Leaving aside the fact that homosexuality is every bit as natural as heterosexuality, I’d like to know what “statistics” NOM is referring to here. Perhaps they’re talking about the widely-discredited Regnerus study that, instead of comparing functional same-sex marriages with functional opposite-sex ones, defines “anyone whose biological or adopted mother or father had a same-sex relationship that the respondent knew about by age 18” as having been raised by lesbian moms or gay dads — even when those relationships were fleeting and/or adulterous? Sorry, no dice. Try again.
  • At the 3:45 mark, the narrator claims that “same-sex marriage and ‘natural marriage’ are different behaviors with different outcomes…” The words are conveniently accompanied by two handy graphs — the one underneath “same-sex marriage” features a jagged line pointing ominously downwards, and the one underneath “‘natural marriage'” soaring blissfully upwards. The graphs, however, aren’t labeled, so it’s completely unclear what outcomes these graphs purport to illustrate.
  • Finally, NOM president Brian Brown has publicly pleaded for a “civil debate” about marriage equality. Note to Brian: if you and your organization want to have a “civil debate,” you’re going to have to stop lying about LGBT people and our community, correct the record on the many falsehoods you’ve spread, cite your sources from this point forward, and commit to a debate firmly rooted in reality and grounded exclusively in sound science. Unless and until the lies stop, the “civil debate” you claim to seek just won’t happen.