Moscow News has a horrifying report:

Unknown assailants attacked a gay club in downtown Moscow on Thursday night. At least three people have been admitted to hospitals as a result.

A party marking international Coming Out Day was in full swing at the 7FreeDays club, located in one of the side streets behind the former KGB headquarters in the Lubyanka area, when the assailants burst in and started beating people up.

“Never before in my life, have I experienced such horror,” Elias Regul, who witnessed the gang ransacking the club and called the police, told the Moscow News. . .

The organizer of the party, Andrei Obolensky, said the assailants numbered about 20, and they were aiming at people’s faces and heads with their fists and bottles, RIA Novosti reported. At the time of the attack, there were about 70 people in the club, most of them women, according to media reports.

The ambulance that arrived at the site assisted four injured people. Three of them, including a woman whose eye was severely damaged by a fragment of her broken glasses, were admitted to hospitals.

Regul was suspicious that the attack could have been orchestrated by two people who were at the party, but who looked too official in comparison with other guests.

The most obvious suspicion, however, immediately fell on radical Orthodox activists who often voice their negative attitude towards gay people, although they denied any possible involvement.