Porno Pete LaBarbera is gushing because his fringe organization, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, had its non-profit status reinstated. In his web post, he claims that the loss of his tax-exempt status was not a result of his anti-gay rhetoric and actions, but because he was too incompetent to file his papers on time. With his sprawling operation of one, how did he screw this up?

According to Porno Pete:

After AFTAH’s exemption was revoked last year — for failing to submit the required paperwork — homosexual activists exploited the situation with headlines like this: “Hate group ‘Americans for Truth About Homosexuality’ loses tax-exempt status.”

So, it now appears that Porno Pete’s voyeurism and silly undercover operations in gay bathhouses and smut dens is tax-deductible. I guess he won’t be making lattes until his next bureaucratic lapse.

In honor of his greatest accomplishment, which is shared by hundreds of thousands of other non-profit organizations, we will celebrate the big, triumphant moment with a fabulous video: