Remember Andrew Craibe, the Aussie Salvation Army major who caused an uproar this summer when he said in a radio interview that gay people should be put to death?

Well, he’s now found a perhaps-unwelcome bedfellow: Westboro Baptist Church member Jonathan Phelps, who endorsed the death penalty for homosexuals in a just-released interview with progressive talk-show phenom David Pakman on the eponymously-named David Pakman Show.

The two men also discuss the literal application of Leviticus as it pertains to adultery, virginity, and diet, as well as marriage equality (which Phelps believes will “soon” be the law all across America). Phelps also didn’t deny that his infamous father, Fred Phelps, beat his children — himself included — but maintained that the way he and his siblings were treated was “the best treatment that any human child… would receive.”