In a challenge to the narrative being pushed by right-wing, anti-LGBT faith leaders — that same-sex marriage is antithetical to Christianity and threatens religious freedom — the pro-equality campaigns in Washington and Maryland have both released new ads spotlighting faith leaders talking about why they support the freedom to marry.

The video from Washington United for Marriage features five clergymen from different faith traditions explaining how marriage equality actually enhances religious freedom, rather than eroding it.

The new ads for Marylanders for Marriage Equality focus specifically on the African-American community and highlight two Southern Baptist, African-American pastors who support Question 6, the ballot measure that would allow Maryland’s marriage equality law to go into effect.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the ads are intended to blunt a concerted effort by many black churches to preach anti-equality messages from the pulpit in the run-up to next month’s vote.

H/t’s: Andy Towle, Courage Campaign