Seriously! From Michael Daly of the Daily Beast:

Word that the first presidential debate had made Big Bird a factor in the election reached the puppet’s sole surviving creator at his new home in New Zealand.

“Amazing,” says Christopher Lyall, who assisted the late Kermit Love in producing the first Big Bird, as well as the successors for decades afterward.

Lyall says of the present electoral process in general, “It’s very frustrating having to observe the political games and the lies.”

Lyall and Love were partners in work and life for half a century and in the 1980s traveled with Big Bird to the White House for the annual Easter egg roll. The most momentous results of that presidential nexus were the grass stains on Big Bird’s outsize feet. Nobody could have imagined that this puppet might someday play even the smallest role in deciding who would occupy the Oval Office.

Big Bird has two dads — who knew? Perhaps that’s the real reason why notorious homophobe Mitt Romney singled him out during last week’s presidential debate…