This just in: TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen will be debating “ex-gay” therapist and NARTH spokesman David Pickup tonight on Alan Colmes‘ radio show at 11:05pm Eastern Time.

TWO readers will remember Pickup for a comical video advertisement in which he promises to help men “Work OUT of Homosexuality.” In the video, Pickup plugs his pray-away-the-gay workout regimen, saying that he offers “life coaching to supplement reparative therapy.” (If you haven’t seen it before, you simply must watch Pickup’s video below and listen to him tell you how much he loves “helping other men be men!”) He also claims that men who are “dealing with homosexual issues” need to “go deep” and “understand that below the homosexual issues lies a lack of his own inherent masculinity and manhood.”

I’m looking forward to hearing Wayne demolish this hapless crackpot’s anti-gay lies with the truth. To tune in, visit the Fox News Radio website tonight and listen live.

Watch David Pickup’s “ex-gay” workout video: