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Yesterday a few members of Parliament in Ukraine rushed an anti-gay bill through its first hearing – overnight so no one would have the time to say anything. These anti-gay MPs are trying to make it illegal for anyone to say or do anything deemed “too gay” in Ukraine.

But this ‘gay gag rule’ can’t go into effect if the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn, refuses to sign it. A few weeks ago he already raised concern on the bill because of an international outcry. And he has the power to stop it for good.

The homophobic MPs are fast-tracking the process and hoping we can’t ignite the same global outcry that stopped the bill the first time. Let’s show them how wrong they are! Will you sign now and push Lytvyn to keep thousands of Ukrainians from being forced into the shadows?

Back in July, more than 122,000 All Out members around the globe got the Ukrainian Parliament to take the “homosexual propaganda” law off their voting agenda. The chairman of Parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn, decided to stop the bill in its tracks to make sure it complied with, “all human rights and freedoms”.

But a few MPs brought it back quietly enough to avoid the international uproar it triggered a few months ago. They think we won’t have enough time to trigger the same outcry. They are wrong. Call on Volodymyr Lytvyn, Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, to use its power to stop this horrendous anti-gay bill now:

This terrible law makes it a crime for anybody to read, write, blog about, or declare any kind of support for gay rights in Ukraine. It also makes it almost impossible to continue health prevention work fighting diseases like HIV.

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