On the Washington Post’s religion blog today, Georgetown University associate professor Jacques Berlinerblau asks whether the 2012 U.S. presidential debates will address matters of faith — and how either candidate might exploit religion for political gain.

Given the Washington press corps’ cluelessness regarding human rights and the Christian Right, I offer the following debate questions for consideration.

1. Do you support or oppose the Family Research Council’s support for incarceration of American gay people and the execution of gay people in Africa?

2. Do you support or oppose evangelical efforts to deny rival churches the right to marry gay couples if churches wish to do so?

3. Do you support an increase or a reduction in taxpayer aid to countries which use anti-AIDS funding to assault, jail, and kill gay people?

4. Do you believe abortion and life-threatening disease should be reduced through methods including condom use, or do you share the pro-life movement’s opposition to education and comprehensive prevention, even though this opposition results in more abortion and disease?

5. Do you support full equality for religious minorities, or do you believe that Jews, Muslims, liberal Christians, and atheists should be silent and accept conservative Christian proselytization by federal and state governments?

6. Do you believe that Christians should celebrate gluttony and FRC bigotry at Chick-fil-A?

What questions do you think should be asked?