The 2012-2013 Supreme Court term is shaping up to be a monumental one for LGBT equality. Christopher Stoll, senior staff attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, has an article up at the Huffington Post that provides a valuable overview of the cases currently before the high court, the process by which the court decides which cases to accept for review, and the possible outcomes.

It’s a must-read, especially because the number of LGBT-related cases currently up for consideration by the Supreme Court is the largest the court has ever faced in any single term. Oh, and by the way, that term begins today.

Here’s an excerpt from Stoll’s article:

The cases on the Court’s fall docket have the potential to become watershed moments in the history of the LGBT movement.

Depending on what the justices do over the next several weeks, marriage equality may soon be restored in California, the Court may be on its way to striking down a destructive and discriminatory law that denies federal benefits to every married same-sex couple in America, and an important precedent about same-sex domestic partners could be set.

For Stoll’s informative breakdown of what to expect from the Supreme Court this term, head over to the Huffington Post and read his full article here.