Frothy Mix fulminated against Obama at the Values Voter Summit today in Washington, DC. He accused the president — you know the one who whacked Osama bin Laden — of bowing down to our foes. He said Obama “coddled and appeased” Islamic states that hated us.

The former presidential candidate regurgitated the beyond idiotic fundie talking point that our rights don’t come from government, they come from God. That’s interesting, because there have been many religious nations under the boot of tyranny — only to embrace freedom when the governments changed. For instance, Poland was quite Catholic under communist rule — but not free. Now the nation is free — but increasingly less Catholic. Explain that Frothy…

Santorum also took aim at the media, blasting them being on the side of liberals. However, he did say one thing in which I concur: He claimed the folks at the Values Voters Summit will “never have elite, smart, people on our side.”

Maybe this is because smart people don’t support backward, dumb ideas.

** Here is the video where Frothy basically claims only stupid people support his cause. Finally, something for me to stand up and cheer! (3:17-3:23)