Active Christian Media’s Stacy Harp has always been a little bit off her rocker, so I’m not surprised by her latest stunt. She has chosen several activists, including moi, and placed their heads on social media sites asking people to pray for us. It kind of looks like the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list hanging at my local post office, except the people are happy.

Speaking of which, if it was Harp’s goal to portray LGBT people as “unhappy” heathens, she spectacularly failed. The photos she used portrayed her subjects as deliriously cheerful and we appeared to be rather pleased with our lives. For example, she chose a photo of me on my wedding day holding hands with my spouse, Jamie.

I want to thank her for widely disseminating such an image to her flock. There is no doubt that the closeted homosexuals who listen to anti-gay activists like Harp will see a vivid picture of what their lives could be if they simply stopped believing the lies. They too could be smiling, like we are, on their wedding day, instead of living a depressing facade to please Harp’s perpetually perturbed God.

Keep the prayers coming Stacy — but you might be surprised to learn that God might be using you to help self-loathing gay Christians see the light and come out of the closet.