Bill Clinton has the unique ability to articulate issues and drive the narrative. His major speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte did not disappoint.

Other convention stories of interest:

1) Chuck Colbert writes about LGBT inclusion in the Democrat’s platform for the Bay Area Reporter.

Jobs and the economy notwithstanding, one national LGBT leader sees long-term advantages for Obama and his party.

“The Democratic Party has strategically chosen to jump all the way in the pool on LGBT issues and draw a sharp contrast with Republicans,” said Wayne Besen, founding executive director of Truth Wins Out, a nonprofit organization that fights anti-gay religious extremism.

“This is a wise move because Obama will be attacked for supporting marriage equality and those who won’t vote for a candidate who supports LGBT issues is likely already a Republican,” he added.

“The platform is an expression of this sea change and will energize the base and likely lead to record support from the LGBT community,” he said.

2) The New York Times discusses LGBT presence in Charlotte with the article, “Gay Democrats Celebrate a Newfound Visibility.” The Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson also talks about LGBT visibility

NYT: After years of struggling for attention and recognition from the nation’s political parties, gays and lesbians have catapulted to the forefront of the Democratic convention here, prominent on the stage, in speeches, in the platform and at parties that go on after the proceedings have finished.

3) USA Today talks about the triumph of Clinton’s big speech. Unlike that egotistical blowhard, Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), Clinton actually sold his candidate

Clinton’s speech was akin to a point-by-point rebuttal of the entire Republican convention in Tampa last week. It was vintage Clinton the educator, explaining to an adoring audience where their party can brag about progress and the other side cannot.

“He takes over the room,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio. “Clinton’s … masterful at making the contrast.”

4) USA Today fact checks Clinton’s speech. Unlike Mitt Romney and especially Paul Ryan, Bill Clinton did not lie and hoodwink Americans

USA Today: Republicans will find plenty of Clinton’s scorching opinions objectionable. But with few exceptions, we found his stats checked out.

Thoughts on Clinton’s speech or LGBT visibility in Charlotte or any other convention issues?