Amazing speech by Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention. She has transformed herself into a political figure much bigger and prominent than First Lady. Michelle is a political powerhouse who could become president one day if she has the ambition to do so. At once glamorous, intelligent, persuasive, eloquent — and most important possesses that intangible ability to hit a higher gear and deeply connect with audiences. There are only a few politicians who could have delivered a speech on that level — among them Bill Clinton and her husband.

It was an astounding oratory triumph and launched Michelle Obama into a stratosphere reserved for world leaders and rock stars. In the short term, she will be a stunningly effective asset on the campaign trail because she personifies and amplifies Barack’s biggest strength — and Mitt’s biggest liability — which is likability. In the long term, the sky is the limit for a woman who is far more superstar than presidential spouse. And with biceps like hers, even cynical Republicans can’t accuse Democrats of not “building it.”