A teacher is suing a Susquehanna Township, Pennsylvania, conservative Christian school for allowing her contract to lapse after the school expelled one of her sons for being gay and then pressured her (unsuccessfully) to force the son to “renounce his sin.”

Sharon Wright contends that hostile school officials at Covenant Christian Academy caused her to suffer a stress-related disability and then failed to accommodate that disability, which she contends is a violation of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

According to The Patriot-News, the school responds that Constitutional religious-freedom provisions entitle it to discriminate against faculty and students on the basis of religious belief. School officials opted not to renew Wright’s contract, they say, when Wright objected in writing to the school’s antigay doctrine.

Hat tip: ThinkProgress


The school receives state tax dollars via two scholarship funds for families: the South Central Educational Partnership and the Classical School Fund of Pennsylvania. According to the school, Pennsylvania law “allows businesses to donate state tax money to a qualified fund (like the SCEP and the CSF) and receive a 90% credit in lieu of paying state taxes.”