The PBS show In the Life is a monthly newsmagazine that exposes social injustice by chronicling the lives and experiences of LGBT people. An institution in our community, it’s the longest-running LGBT television program in history. And this month, as part of a show dedicated to the discussion of LGBT issues in the Midwest, it’s airing a segment that focuses on Truth Wins Out and the dangerous “ex-gay” industry, using my personal journey and my experience going undercover for TWO in the Bachmann clinic last year as a springboard from which to tell the story.

The segment also prominently features Wayne Besen as the founder of Truth Wins Out, the architect of the Bachmann undercover operation, and one of the nation’s foremost experts on “pray away the gay” groups. Wayne posted this video when it was released on Saturday, but I decided to re-post it today since many TWO readers likely missed it over the holiday weekend. Please watch this beautiful segment below and share it widely — it’s a critical reminder of why it’s so important to fight the insidious lies of the “ex-gay” industry and send a strong message of love and inclusion to LGBT people struggling under the crushing weight of religion-based bigotry, as TWO endeavors to do.

If you like this video, please consider supporting the work of Truth Wins Out with a tax-deductible contribution today. We are committed to creating a world where LGBT individuals can live openly, honestly, and true to themselves — where LGBT youth no longer have to suffer silently and alone, like I did –but we can only do that work with your help.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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