Porno Pete LaBarbera is in a swivet about this video, where Exodus’ Alan Chambers apologizes for misleading people with slogans like “Change is Possible.”

According to Porno Pete’s tantrum:

“Words cannot express my disappointment in Exodus International President Alan Chambers’ “exodus” from biblical truth on homosexuality…Poor Alan is way beyond his pay grade here: imagine heading up an “ex-gay” umbrella group — which is how Exodus once described itself — and apologizing to unrepentant homosexuals for the simple slogan “Change is possible.”

Well, Porno Pete, at least Alan is getting paid. Last we heard, you working at a coffeehouse to pay the bills and for your porn magazines and leather gear so you could go undercover to the tubs.

Shame. Substitute another sexual sin (say, pornography) for homosexuality (“sexual orientation”) – and Chambers’ “apology” makes no sense at all. (For that matter, would anyone take a “Porn-using Christians Network”–or the “Christian Lusters Network”–seriously?) Sad but true: these days when Christians ”dialogue” with homosexual activists, as Chambers often does, it is usually the Christians who bend toward the world (sin) rather than vice versa. Stay tuned for more on the stunning story of Exodus’ and Chambers’ break with historic Christian teaching on the Bible and homosexuality.

I thought Porno Pete was the emperor of the “Porn-using Christians Network.” I’m confused.

You know what, Porno Pete has no shame and is simply bending the truth. He is the last person in America who can talk credibly about so-called “ex-gays.” This is the same dude who held press conferences with John Paulk, Wade Richards, and Michael Johnston — all of whom have come out (Richards) or been scandalized (Paulk and Johnston). It is fair to say that Porno Pete is full of it and simply has no relationship with reality. His own failed past with “ex-gays” speaks infinitely louder than his bogus claims that such programs work. Here is a video to remind this phony how he swore to America that Michael Johnston had transformed — when he was actually hosting orgies.

Alan Chambers told the truth about the likelihood of change. I have my differences with him, but in this case Chambers should be applauded for his honesty — particualrly when he knew it would lead to vicious attacks by zealots like Porno Pete.

Update: PFOX defends Porno Pete. Here is what these clowns said:

Gay militant smears AFTAH, again: Less than 24 ours (sic)after we posted the article and video below about Exodus International’s tragic embrace of “gay Christianity” [click HERE], AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera was attacked by notorious homosexual militant Wayne Besen (who came up with the hateful smear “Porno Pete”): see Besen’s lie-filled “report”

Thanks for the comic relief PFOX!