The Family Research Council’s disgraceful war on LGBT people and their families marches on, even as the group loudly protests being called a hate group. They have even fooled some gullible journalists, such as the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. Hey, Dana, take a gander at what FRC sent my family in the mail today. Is this hateful enough? Or, maybe they tricked you because they wear suits and have offices in DC. Here is part of the FRC letter:

The most dishonest part of this propaganda is the blatantly false notion that social science backs FRC’s agenda. Maybe right wing political science is on Tony Perkins’ side — but that’s about it. When FRC’s Perkins targets a minority group and makes broad, sweeping, and unsubstantiated claims about the deleterious effects of their marriages on society, the group is engaging in raw, unambiguous hate speech. It’s really not debatable and takes one with a blind spot the size of Saturn not to see this garbage for what it truly is. I wonder what FRC defenders like Milbank would say if FRC’s direct mail piece said the following:

“Allowing Jews to marry is unfair and harmful to children, traditional Christian couples, churches, society as a whole, and a threat to the freedom of speech and religion of anyone who disagrees with the Jewish movement.”

The fact it’s hate speech is pretty damn clear now, isn’t it, Dana?