This just in — hot off the presses:

Details are scarce at this time, but HuffPost Gay Voices has received some potentially encouraging news for those angered by Chick-fil-A’s confirmed anti-gay stance.

Reliable sources who do not wish to be identified at this time tell the HuffPost Gay Voices team that Dan Cathy, the fast food chain’s president, “welcomed campus leaders to a private luncheon in Atlanta on Thursday to discuss diversity, hospitality and the opportunity to find common ground.”

Though we received no further information regarding exactly which “campus leaders” were present during the meeting, a number of campus groups, including the LGBT student advocacy group Campus Pride, which recently blogged about the controversial fast food chain, have been doing work in an effort to hold Chick-fil-A accountable for their donations.

This is also the top story at The Advocate magazine. Is Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy prepared to do the right thing and try to resuscitate his cratering brand? I certainly hope so and look forward to seeing how this story progresses. Let’s hope that Cathy doesn’t turn chicken when the Religious Right weighs in on their gesture towards reconciliation — which will eventually have to mean no more funding for virulently anti-gay organizations.