The Internet is percolating with a rumor: Trevor Yates, the Bel Ami adult movie star known for his, umm, ample blessings, is now a priest living at the Vatican. According to Yates’ Facebook page:

“Mine is not the usual career path to get to the church. Came here through the adult industry.”

There have been a few stories (Note: Pictures on this link not appropriate for work), mostly in the foreign press. If the Democrats want to replace Bishop Timothy Dolan from giving the closing prayer at the Democratic Convention with another priest — I know who I’m voting for!

Update: There is also a rumor (Naughty link)  that the adult stars crashed the Vatican to make a new film:

QueerMeNow has us all excited for the release of Bel Ami’s three-part scene, Scandal In Vatican, later next month, and according to Duroy’s blog on the members only site, Trevor Yates is “testing if Vatican reputation as a sin city is well deserved.” Uh oh.

Is Yates a real priest or just shooting a video at the Vatican?