Last year GetUp! Australia released an amazing ad, titled “It’s Time,” that went viral and brought international attention to that nation’s marriage equality debate. It’s incredibly compelling, freshly bold, and a total tear-jerker — in fact, it still brings me to tears every time I watch it, even ten months later. I said then that bold ads like “It’s Time” and other recent ads from Ireland, the Netherlands, and Argentina are exactly what we need in the marriage equality fight in the U.S. because, instead of just talking about rights and benefits, they appeal directly to viewers’ sense of empathy and pack an emotional punch.

Well, it looks like I may get my wish: according to Gay Star News, a nonprofit organization named after the film, It’s Time | Marriage Equality, is hoping to raise $50,000 online to air a one-minute version of “It’s Time” in strategic television markets across the United States. The group specifically wants to influence the conversation in states with marriage-related referenda on the ballot this November (Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, and Washington).

You can view the full version of the “It’s Time” ad here, and the shortened version below. Head on over to It’s Time | Marriage Equality’s Social Teeth page and throw a couple bucks their way if you’d like to see the ad on your TV screen here in the U.S.