In 1994, I appeared as a guest on exorcist Bob Larson’s radio show. He was the sleaziest, least ethical, host I have ever encountered. First, he insulted Dykes on Bikes — calling them fat and ugly, and claiming that their “ugly” appearance was evidence that they were possessed by demons. At the end of the show, he trotted out a man who had conveniently tested HIV-positive the week of our show. The young man repented of his homosexuality on the spot and became an “ex-gay” live on the air! (Obviously an actor)

At the time, I was the Executive Director of Sons & Daughters of America (SDA), an LGBT organization that I had co-founded with Carlos Muina in Florida. SDA showed positive images of the LGBT community at a time when such portraits were hard to come by. Which brings us back to Bob.

As his show ended, he went on a maniacal monologue about how evil gay activism and my organization were. He ended with the unforgettable line: “You may say that there is no difference between you and me. You may say that homosexuals are normal and the same as everyone else. But, Wayne, there is a big difference between you and me: SODOMY!”

I have to admit a little guilty pleasure being on Bob’s show. He is a master manipulator and entertainer, has the best preaching voice I’ve ever heard, (with the exception of Jimmy “I Have Sinned” Swaggart). And the idiocy of his act cracks me up. Particularly when he begs for money: “I need a one-thousand dollar Hero. I need a five hundred dollar Champion.” And, of course, my favorite line is: “If you’ve given, give again.” It is so clear that this guy is a huckster, yet the dupes always called into his show and opened up their wallets and purses.

Well, now Bob is back with a vengeance and extracting demons and curing sick people.

Satan tried to kill Bob Larson, but God supernaturally saved his life. Now, Bob is rapidly recovering from surgery and a heart attack, and he is back with a stronger anointing than ever. Bob has one mission in mind, to put the devil on notice: The captives will be set free! The brokenhearted will be healed. Sickness, disease, and infirmity will have to go. Come to Bob’s Freedom Seminar and get free, stay free, and live free!

I know it is wrong for me to say this. But anyone gullible enough to pay Larson deserves to be separated from their money. You have to be a real sucker to fall for his act — amusing as it may be.

[h/t Joe My God]