In 2011, holocaust revisionist and anti-gay activist Scott Lively made a vow to turn down his rhetoric and dismantle his hate machine. He opened Holy Grounds, a small religious coffee house in Springfield, Mass. and tried to present himself as a lovable moderate. His new alleged mission was simply to help the poor and live a good Christian life:

He gained international attention after he was accused of stoking violence against gays in Uganda. One of his books, “Pink Swastika,’’ argues that Hitler and other Nazi leaders were gay. Another provides seven steps to “recruit-proof’’ your child from gay activists. But Scott Lively says he is toning down his antigay rhetoric and shifting his focus to helping the downtrodden. And he’s found a home and a receptive audience in this struggling city where many, but not all, have embraced his mission to “re-Christianize Springfield.’’

He says he has not changed his view that gays are “agents of America’s moral decline’’ but has refocused his approach to fit his flock in Springfield, which he said includes many homeless people, drug addicts, and alcoholics.

“We’re not fighting the culture wars here in Springfield,’’ he said. “The issues here are more fundamental than that. You can’t deal with the culture wars with people who are struggling to survive. Those issues are not relevant. These are people who are trying to live.’’

“This whole mission in Springfield is to show by example the positive side of all this — that when you follow the Biblical approach and try to be as true to him [God] as you can, you get the maximum positive benefit for yourself and society,’’ he said. “It’s completely different from all the things that I’ve done in the past, which is going against the wrongs. We’re working toward what is right.’’

Of course, Lively was lying and using the appearance of helping the downtrodden to recruit new dupes into his venomous obsession and war against LGBT people. His vow of civility was about as good as his soiled word — completely useless and employed as a deceptive public relations tactic to trick gullible people into thinking he was a kind man who was generous of spirit — not the Southern Poverty Law Center hate group leader that he truly is.

After catering to truant kids and hiring a convicted child molester as his Barista, (pictured right with Lively) it seems that Lively is tired of faking like he’s a good guy. Once again, he is donning his angry black hat and charging forward as a mean-spirited Christian soldier with a Messiah complex.

Watch out Springfield!

In a disturbing letter to his fundie flock, Lively, one of the nation’s most notorious extremists, has vowed to take over this fine town, that boasts the NBA Hall of Fame, and turn it into a bastion of bigotry:

Beginning October 1st I will launch a new organization in Springfield under the auspices of Abiding Truth Ministries, which I founded while in law school in California in 1997 as vehicle for defending Biblical values in our society.  I will announce a name for that local chapter in the coming weeks.  Through this new ministry I will begin to organize Christian conservatives to take on the “culture war” issues locally, primarily abortion and homosexuality.  My first effort will be a multi-day rally against baby murder at or near Springfield’s abortion mill, probably the first week of October.  I will invite pro-life street activists from around the nation to participate.  A trial-balloon email to a handful of them got a good response so I expect we would see a good turnout.

I have been in Springfield for over four years now building the Redemption Gate mission.  I deliberately did not address the culture war issues here so as not to distract from that work.  Nevertheless, since the hard left discovered two year ago that I was living here they have has waged an increasingy (SIC) aggressive campaign to try to drive me out of this city, culminating in the frivilous but (given the political realities in our courts) potentially successful lawsuit against me for “crimes against humanity” for simply preaching against homosexuality in Uganda.

They obviously will not stop attacking me or Redemption Gate as long as I am leading it, so I have decided to turn over the mission to Pastor Steve (who is more than capable of managing it), and take them on. Frankly, I think this is part of God’s plan for re-Christianizing Springfield, since re-claiming the territory for Christ must necessarily mean pushing out the Caananites.  I have been uniquely prepared by Him for this sort of task.

I sure hope citizens of Springfield stand up to this nasty carpetbagger who wants to ruin a nice town and turn it into the Bay State’s Home of Hate.

P.S. I’ve sampled the coffee in Holy Grounds and it totally sucks. It is as if he mixed toilet water and mud, dumped in a little curdled cream, and then sprinkled in salt, mistaking it for Equal. Wait, Lively wouldn’t use a product named Equal would he?