Here is an exciting new book with a catchy name from my friend in Florida Stephen Goldstein. This is how he describes it:Here is the long-overdue obituary for the unbridled greed glorified by “Atlas Shrugged” and the prophet of profit. In her story, Rand let free-marketers John Galt, Dagney Taggart, and their accomplices return triumphant from their “strike” to remake the world in the image of Godless self-interest. Now, on the 67th anniversary of their revolution, try as he may, Atlas can no longer simply shrug and Galt’s successors and their dystopian creation of Free-For-All economics is about to come under attack from an enigmatic group known as the Prometheus Project.

Against the backdrop of the epic struggle between these two opposing forces, “Atlas Drugged” takes no modern-day prisoners, hurling lightning bolts of damnation at those who put profit before humanity and offering the 99% a vision for taking back the country from the 1% who currently dwell atop Mt. Olympus.

This is a work of fiction. But any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely intentional. The names have been changed but, hopefully, not enough to protect the guilty.

You can buy his book HERE.