For those who don’t know, Truth Wins Out was attacked today by a number of anti-gay organizations with the goal of blacklisting me from FOX News, particularly the Bill O’Reilly Show. The most comical part of their efforts was that they were claiming I demonized their organizations, yet asked for supporters to contact them at You know, 666, the number of the beast. The Devil.

About an hour ago I pointed out the stunning hypocrisy and before one could say “hate group” the e-mail address had been replaced in their Christian Newswire release. Fortunately, I had already screen captured it.

Whoops, too late. Here are the before and after pictures of the press release. Notice how the e-mail address had been changed.



It’s kind of pathetic that these groups can’t even refrain from demonizing in their press release accusing someone of demonizing. Have you ever seen such a laughably incompetent and unprofessional circus act in your life?