Well, this is disturbing:

Gay blogger Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God reports he received death threats after tweeting information about the Family Research Council’s history of hateful activism.

After last week’s shooting at the headquarters of the conservative Family Research Council, Jervis tweeted out links to examples of the organization’s antigay efforts and, later, its president Tony Perkins’s association with white supremacist groups. He also tweeted, “Remember how the FRC and all the rest declared it a ‘badge of honor’ to be called a hate group by the SPLC?”

. . . Another Twitter user sent Jervis a photo of a person hanged from a crane with the caption, “We plan on celebrating your lifestyle with cranes.”

Jervis informed Twitter Support, but was informed that the message was not in violation of Twitter’s rules.

I can say from personal experience that this profession does indeed elicit the occasional death threat, but it’s not something that one can ever fully get used to. It’s a stark reminder of just how fervently those on the extreme fringes hate LGBT people. Kudos to Joe for refusing to be intimidated by their bullying.

Below: a photo of the death threat Joe received.