So here’s a story:

The late Frank Mandelbaum stipulated in his will that none of his son Robert’s children would receive any inheritance if Robert “not be married to the child’s mother within six months of the child’s birth,” The New York Post reports.

A bit old-fashioned? Sure. Especially when you consider Robert Mendelbaum, a 47-year-old Manhattan Criminal Court judge, is gay.


After New York passed the Marriage Equality Act, Robert married Jonathan O’Donnell in August of 2011, shortly after the couple had a child, Cooper, via a surrogate mother.

And now Robert thinks 16-month-old Cooper deserves a share of the $180,000 trust reserved for Frank’s three grandkids.

He and O’Donnell are fighting in court to prove that Frank’s will is discriminatory, and in violation of state law.

I say, if the money’s that important, fight it. If it’s really not, then forget it. The late Frank Mandelbaum established in his will that he’s the stain in the family quilt that will refuse to come out. If he wanted to be remembered, well then, mission accomplished.