Earlier today, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Facebook page posted the following status message:

More than 20 ZRP officers deployed in two trucks have swarmed and are currently raiding GALZ offices in Harare.

GALZ stands for Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe, an LGBT advocacy organization working for tolerance and the repeal of anti-LGBT legislation in the notoriously homophobic country. Harare is the nation’s capital city.

Just minutes ago — as I typed this story, actually — an update was posted:

Kumbirai Mafunda on ZLHR Page
18:55-Zimbabwean police have begun searching the offices of GALZ in Milton Park for undisclosed “data”

I’ll update this story as I’m able, when more information becomes available. Please keep Zimbabwe’s LGBT community and its leaders in your thoughts during this time of increased intimidation and potential violence.

(h/t: Rex Wockner)