Tweeted around 11:40 p.m. Wednesday:

Suspect in FRC attack was LGBT volunteer / Just as I suspected… an unhinged gay liberal. #tcot #p2

Oh, the horror: The suspect was an avowed volunteer.

I understood how GP derived “gay” from “LGBT,” even though we don’t know the LGBT center volunteer’s sexual orientation.

But how did GayPatriot translate “volunteer” into “liberal”?

This reasoning will come as a surprise to the elderly and conservative volunteers at The Center. And to the law-enforcement entities that support The Center’s meticulous background checks. And to anyone else in civil society.

Blaming liberalism for this shooting makes no more sense than blaming conservatism for the recent theater shootout in Aurora, Colo.

Yet GP’s Daniel Blatt followed up that tweet this morning with a prolonged and unsubstantiated defamation against The Center and other unnamed organizations for inspecific reasons, while arguing that the Family Research Council‘s thoroughly documented campaign of defamation — and its support for imprisonment and execution of gay people — are neither hateful nor violent.