Focus on the Family’s initial statement on the FRC tragedy was classy and hit the right note. Here is what the group’s President Jim Daly said:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends at FRC. Senseless shootings like this are always tragic; but there’s an extra measure of sadness and disbelief when it hits so close to home.  We are thankful that the heroic security guard who subdued his alleged shooter was not more seriously wounded.

“Early indications are that FRC may have been targeted for its biblical views on social-policy issues. That is a chilling thought. No person or group of any ideological stripe – left, right or center — should have to fear physical violence for passionately articulating and acting on their deeply help convictions in the realm of public policy. That is the very definition of terrorism.”

I totally agree with Daly and he sounded, dare I say…Christian….in his response.