I’ve always said this: Anti-gay organizations deeply disdain their own supporters and think they are a bit slow upstairs. They have no respect for their intellects and talk down to them like they are impressionable sheep.

It seems to work, because these folks eat up the condescension like it’s a Chick-fil-A sandwich. Case in point is this new anti-gay video using the Chick-fil-A imbroglio to inspire fundamentalists to vote. In a paternalistic voice, the narrator tries to rile up fundies by distorting the facts. He tries to use the controversy sparked by a few big city mayors to get fundies to vote. But it makes no sense to thinking people.

1) The mayors who spoke out are from Boston, Washington, and Chicago. They won’t be voted out by fundies, so obviously the creator of this video has an entirely different agenda’ — like getting Mitt Romney elected by making fundies feel threatened enough to vote. Talk about cynical manipulation!

2) How many Chick-fil-A’s were actually shut down or prohibited from opening? Z-E-R-O. Oh, those poor persecuted Christians so badly want to be martyrs — but no one is actually taking away their rights. They dominate one of America’s two political parties. There are churches on every corner and they can pray where they want. There has never been a time in history when fundies were as powerful and free to embrace their religious beliefs.

3) This is not simply about marriage equality. It is a bout a corporation that essentially funnels millions of dollars into anti-gay causes. Then they cry victim when people express their displeasure with the fact Chick-fil-A sponsors official hate groups.

Take a gander at this video. Watch how the narrator seems like he is talking to slow children. Take in how this group tries to exploit fundies and manipulates their emotions to get them to vote for Republicans (although they never explicitly use the R-word, we know what they are doing).

h/t Joe.My.God