Sudan to Stone Woman To Death For Adultery

Reuters reports that a Sudanese woman accused of adultery has been sentenced to death by stoning and is being held shackled with her six-month-old baby in jail, activists said on Wednesday, in the second such sentence in the past few months in the country.

President Omar Hassan al-Bashir said last month that Sudan would adopt a “100 percent” Islamic constitution, prompting concerns the country would apply Islamic law more strictly after the secession of mostly non-Muslim South Sudan a year ago.

Good thing we don’t have such laws in America. It would be difficult to fill Republican seats in Congress. Such religious violence isn’t confined to Sudan, with Islamist extremists clashing with Christian zealots in Nigeria throughout the summer.  Isn’t it wonderful how adherents to such “peaceful” religious sects conduct themselves? I’m awed by their “loving” example and thank them for their incredible contributions to humanity.


Vatican Power-Grab For Elite University in Peru; The Pope Wants to Control Ideology and Shopping Mall

The New York Times reports that the Pope and his minions have launched a hostile takeover of Catholic University of Peru, which is an elite university. The Vatican has demanded that the university change its name and is also trying to steal the college’s land holdings.

School officials say that if the church gets control, it will scrub liberation theology from the curriculum, eliminate a gender studies program that includes courses on feminism and homosexuality, and take other steps to align teaching with religious doctrine. They also predict a purge of faculty members whose views on issues like abortion, birth control or gay rights are considered incompatible with church positions.

The church says the school is under the jurisdiction of canon law, which gives church leaders the right to approve the appointment of the university president and oversee its finances. The church also says that the will of a major benefactor who died in 1944 gives it additional claim to the school’s holdings, which include a profitable shopping mall and other real estate.

“They are not currently adhering to Catholic values at that university,” Father Gaspar said. “They have shown rebelliousness to the ecclesiastical authorities, disobedience. This has caused a scandal among faithful Catholics.”

Perhaps, the Pope really just wants to own the mall so he can get free Prada shoes?


Chick-fil-A Supporters Don’t Seem To Understand That They Don’t Own Freedom or Religion

Here is a quote in today’s New York Times story on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day that captures the disconnect fundies have with the notion of freedom: They support it for themselves and take it away from others.

 “If you are serious about your relationship with Jesus Christ, you just can’t be for same-sex marriage,” said Corliss Carter, 44, who ate lunch at a Marietta, Ga., restaurant. “Chick-fil-A has always been a family-oriented business. We’re just showing our support for them.”

Wow, what amazing arrogance that dismisses the rational Christian set as not serious about their faith. And as someone who doesn’t belong to Carter’s church, why should I care about her personal beliefs and why is her faith lording over my ability to marry?

You see, fundies only believe in freedom for themselves. They have no compunction about acting in un-American ways and limiting the freedom — including freedom of religion  — of other citizens who don’t share their beliefs. They are so blinded by a combination of ignorance and entitlement, that they think only their opinions and rights matter.

We at Truth Wins Out are here to tell them that they have no right to impose their belief system on the rest of us. If Carter does not want to a marry a person of the same sex, no one is forcing this individual to do so. But I guess respect, liberty, equal rights, and freedom is a one-way street with these folks.