Recently Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave $2.5 million to the fight to preserve marriage equality in Washington state. Now the eighteen disgruntled women who make up the “One Million Moms” are upset about it:

You know, for the most part, when the LGBT community decides to boycott something, we do so thoughtfully, and we don’t just boycott every little thing cramps our style. The “One Million” Moms, on the other hand, seem to be almost nihilistic with their (completely ineffective, inconsequential) boycotts. It’s like they’re literally willing to stop undertaking all activities involved in being functional human beings, for the sake of hating gay people. I guess I see their point; they’ve lost the culture war and every single day, another corporation becomes more friendly to LGBT people. Before long, all they’ll have left is the MSG patties at Chick-Fil-A and whatever they grow in their own gardens.

[h/t Joe]