The Huffington Post is calling this a blow to the gay rights movement, but I see it as a church that is slowly but surely sliding into utter irrelevance. We’re not there yet, but naming such an esteemed bigot as Prop 8 creator Salvatore Cordileone as the Catholic archbishop over San Francisco and surrounding areas is sure to make those cathedrals a lot emptier and more echo-ey:

The Vatican dealt a huge blow to the Bay Area’s fight for gay rights on Friday, naming Salvatore Cordileone–one of the California’s leading opponents of same-sex marriage and a creator of Proposition 8–the Archbishop of San Francisco.

Cordileone has served as the bishop of Oakland since 2009. In a Vatican announcement on Friday morning, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Cordileone to his new post across the Bay.

“I am pleased to welcome Archbishop-elect Cordileone,” said the departing Archbishop George Niederauer during the announcement. “And to assure him of our prayers, loyalty, support and cooperation, as well as our friendship and affection.”


Cordileone made headlines in 2008 when he helped draft Proposition 8, calling same-sex marriage “a plot by the evil one” to destroy the world during a radio interview. According to ABC, he personally donated at least $6,000 to the 2008 ban, and is currently the chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage.

So much for that “vow of poverty,” eh, Bishop? Do us all a favor in your new position and talk to the media as much as you can. San Francisco will enjoy mocking and deriding you, whilst otherwise going on with their lives.