Earlier this week, TWO’s John Becker reported exclusively about Danielle Morantez, a 26-year-old Vermont mother who was fired by the Salvation Army after coming out as bisexual.

Morantez took a job as a Salvation Army case worker in order to provide for her family. She went above and beyond the call of duty, doubling the number of needy Vermonters the organization was able to serve and streamlining programs. Clearly, Danielle’s work — the sole source of income for her family — was exemplary.

But when Morantez read her employee handbook, which the Salvation Army didn’t give her until she’d worked there for nearly two months, she found three troubling items relating to sexual orientation and employment discrimination. She relayed her concerns to her supervisors, coming out as bisexual in the process.

That was last Friday. On Monday, regional supervisors at the Salvation Army ordered Morantez fired and escorted off the premises like a criminal. But Danielle’s only “crime” was being true to herself and living with integrity.

Danielle Morantez was fired, but now she’s teaming up with Truth Wins Out to fire back. TWO conducted an exclusive video interview with Danielle yesterday at her home and in front of the Salvation Army’s Burlington offices.

Click here to watch TWO’s exclusive video (or watch it below) and listen to Danielle tell her story. When you’re done, sign Danielle’s Change.org petition asking the Salvation Army to end employment discrimination against LGBT people.