And that U.S. Military, which is the greatest fighting force in the world, even stronger now that some of our best, brightest and strongest won’t be kicked out for who they love, defends Linda’s right to ignorance as blissful as she can contain. Here’s her latest wah-wah, regarding soldiers marching in Pride parades in uniform:

Harvey: The San Diego homosexual pride parade on Saturday, July 21st, broke new ground. For the first time the Pentagon allowed members of the military to dress in full uniform at an event with a political agenda, and what an agenda it is.

Nope. Not a political agenda. Just being allowed to live with integrity. If that’s an “agenda” and Linda’s against it, well, then, we just had a revelatory moment about Fundamentalist Christians, now didn’t we? I think we did.

If you haven’t been to a pride parade recently, or ever, it’s not anything to be proud of.

Linda may not be proud of it, but then again, nobody really invited Linda, now did they? I don’t think they did.

The uniform of our country was allowed to honor a display featuring men dressed as women, people in virtually no clothing at all and in your face advocacy of every aspect of homosexuality.

Our military fights for the freedoms of the people marching in that parade just as much as they fight for your freedom of bigotry and ignorance, don’t they, Linda? I think they do.

How low will this present administration stoop before Americans say ‘we’ve had enough’? Here’s how the decision went down: there were concerns that some military members would march in uniform with or without permission so the big brass caved and said OK. Now think about that, because men and women who have taken an oath were planning to disobey standing protocol, their superiors decided to let them. The Pentagon says the exception is only for this parade but do any of us truly believe that?

They might let it become a common thing since a Pride parade isn’t an overtly political thing, they might not. Are any normal people bothered by this? I don’t think they are.

This signals much more than an endorsement of deviance, it signals a breakdown of order.

Does Linda Harvey know anything at all about military order? I don’t think she does.

It’s also an exception that would not be extended to any groups but those on the left, could conservative soldiers appear in uniform at a Tea Party rally?

Is the Tea Party a specific Koch-brothers-funded political lobbying group, devoted to a lot of euphemisms and slogans that all avoid stating their united disgust over having a black Democratic president, which means uniformed troops are specifically disallowed from participating? I think it is.

Of course not, it’s only the homosexual lobby that gets this kind of deference. There were approximately three hundred service members signed up to march in this parade, that friends is a disgrace to the uniform and to America.

Are dead-enders like Linda Harvey going to keep wailing about gays in the military, who have been there the whole time, who have fought and died for their freedoms to spew hatred at people they’ve never met, showing a fundamental disrespect for all troops’ sacrifices in the process? Sadly, I think they are.