Hillary Clinton spoke to the international AIDS conference in Washington DC recently and didn’t take any time out to hurl hatred toward the LGBT community. This made poor Matt Barber so very upset:

As for the political realm, Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton missed the mark in her recent address at the International AIDS Conference in Washington. He suggests Clinton danced around the subject and failed to address “the pink AIDS elephant in the room — and that is that unnatural behaviors beget natural consequences.” (Listen to audio report)

“Shame on Hillary Clinton in choosing to ignore the reality that, in the United States, people are primarily infected with AIDS through deviant homosexual behavior,” Barber offers. “She has essentially postured with a false air of resolve while cowardly refusing to address the real cause of AIDS in the U.S., and that’s homosexual behavior.”

He points to the fact that even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been forced to admit that reality.

“We all know better, and so should Hillary Clinton. She missed a real opportunity here to show courage and discourage people from engaging in the high-risk behavior — homosexuality — that spreads AIDS,” the attorney laments.

Actually, it’s unprotected sex with an infected person that spreads HIV. Lesbians have virtually no problem with HIV, and the majority of gay men aren’t infected. A happy gay male couple who are both negative aren’t spreading HIV. Perhaps the Secretary of State has a more grown-up understanding of how these things work than the attorney for the law firm at the clown college for fundamentalists.

[h/t Right Wing Watch]