The headline above isn’t a real question. It’s time for another episode of Simple Answers To Stupid Questions.

The GayPatriot blog spent two blog posts in a row, and a hundred others in the past little while, complaining about the fact that large gay organizations aren’t calling for Dan Savage’s head for using the phrase “house faggots” to describe gay wingnuts, whereas they will speak up when homophobes or people connected to homophobes use anti-gay slurs. Before giving the simple answer to the stupid question, I will once again point out that, whether or not you like Dan’s syntax, he was communicating a greater meaning with his words than the simple schoolyard taunt of “faggot.” Most gay wingnuts have not been desirous of truly understanding what Dan was saying, instead simply choosing to scream because he used the “F” word, much as their abject hatred of Barack Obama has caused them to ignore the full context of the president’s recent remarks about how everybody in this country who is successful decidedly did not get there alone. Nah, they just proof-texted the part that might have been unclear if you didn’t read the full speech. If you read his full text and actually think the president was saying that great business builders deserve no credit, that the government did it all, then your IQ is probably around 70.

Now, simple answer to stupid question:

Because it isn’t the job of groups who fight for gay rights to also simultaneously fight for the hurt feelings of people who may be technically part of our community, but who work to enable those who want to destroy our community.

Dan Savage fights for the LGBT community and for gay kids. By refusing to truly call out the bigots in their own party, groups like GOProud effectively carry water for people like Louie Gohmert (redneck-Texas), who blamed the Aurora shootings on mythical attacks on American religious freedom, which is, of course, wingnut Newspeak for “wimmin ‘n’ faggots ‘n’ coloreds.”

Easy peasy? And before some wingnut comes in and says “Oh, so you’re saying Bristol Palin’s toddler son is counted among those who are trying to yadda yadda yadda…,” I’ll answer that one: of course not. But his grandmother is. Moreover, none of the coverage I’ve seen has actually slammed the child for the incident (which, I should point out, according to the showrunner for Bristol’s charming program, didn’t actually involve the word “faggot,” but instead another “F” word). My own post chalked it up to toddlers saying embarrassing things, but I did point out (this was before the counter-claim that we were dealing with the other F word came out) that kids pick up these things somewhere. No one is calling for the HRC or GLAAD to denounce Tripp Palin, in other words. It was just an interesting story from a family led by an imbecilic homophobic matriarch, said family of which wouldn’t still be in the news if headlines weren’t the only things she wanted in life.

Strange that gay wingnuts feel victimized that mainstream gay writers reported the Palin story without first attending to the fee fees of those gay conservatives who enable those who really, really kind of hate us. Sorry, guys.

Bookmark this post, though, for the next time you feel like asking the question. I won’t be answering it again.